Planning a conference, team building or an incentive or a special appreciation for your staff? MICE is a term generally used in tourism industry which includes a well-organized program centered on a specific theme. These themes may include a hobby, a profession, or an educational matter. The MICE industry has been rising over the past few decades into an established business sector, motivated by the globalization and augmented in cross border trade.

More and more businesses now understand that meetings, incentives, exhibitions and conferences are essential means of communicating their industry messages, growing sales and business development.

In simple terms MICE stands for:

  • M = Meetings (To administer all arrangements; which is necessary in normal general Meetings)
  • I = Incentive (To manage incentive tour for your corporate)
  • C = Conferences (To systematize meetings of wide level called conference and manage all arrangements for bigger groups)
  • E= Exhibitions (To arrange exhibitions at global level on various exhibition grounds)
Tropical Vacations offers you various important things related to MICE:

Meetings Organizer Company : Our Meeting Organizer system is an excellent network resource when setting up meetings of any complexities and sizes. Whether you are responsible for planning a single corporate board meeting, a multi-city nationwide series of medical dinner meetings a gala event or anything in between, Meetings Organizer Company can help, plan and arrange for all the meeting logistics as per your requirements.
Incentive Tour Operators : Tropical Vacations presents a variety of new and unexplored destinations in Africa for you to select and choose for your incentive programmes. Our Incentive programs  are an amazing way to recompense your employees and Kenya in particular is a superb destination as it is cultural motley of modern and the ancient. A intermingle of nature and heritage, Kenya offers different sorts of options for your incentive tourism programme.
Conference Planners: Identifying that a successful program pivots on an effectual design, Tropical Vacations works with you to build up inventive outreach efforts that go beyond traditional conference seminars and programs. We also help you develop an integrated and unique program suitable to the issues, the setting the audience, and your restraint to meet all of your necessitate.
Exhibition Management CompanyExhibitions work because they are face-to-face. We have Exhibition Management team that provides an opportunity to speed up the selling cycle by matching needs with a company’s ability to fill those needs. Exhibition Management is extremely effective to bring new products to new markets with our professional team to design the exhibition according to your own prerequisite as well as the constraint of the show.

You are in the right hands with Tropical Vacations. Conferences should be a combination of hard work and pleasure. We at Tropical Vacations Inc realize the importance of this and choose venues where your delegates can unwind, get to know each other in a convivial setting, discuss the day’s events in a pleasant surrounding and exchange new ideas- Combined with our technical expertise, we are just second to none in putting up every detail of your event to reality.

Tropical Vacations has unrivalled experience in organizing a unique range of corporate and social events in Kenya and beyond, all of which are supported by state-of-the-art facilities, orchestrated by highly-trained personnel, and enjoy luxury accommodation, world-class catering and diverse leisure options.

Over the past, we have facilitated top notch events and conferences including, but not limited to


  • AFRICITIES ‘2006
  • UNFCC COP 8 ‘2007
  • MPS KENYA FEB ‘2007
  • AGOA SUMMIT 2009
  • ACOA (Africa Congress of Accountants) Conference 2011
Tropical Conferences & Events

There exists a fine line between accepting a client’s brief and truly understanding and meeting the objective. Tropical Vacation will work closely with your Conference/Event manager or coordinator, in delivering an occasion which is tailored to your specifications. Our participation could be wholesome or partial involving but not limited to:

  • Identification and reservation of location
  • Venue and accommodation selection
  • Planning and organisation of meeting venues
  • Contracting and negotiation of services
  • Organisation of pre and post tour programs
  • Specialised exclusive theme dinners
  • Special evening venues and arrangements
  • Transportation – meet and greet services during all arrivals and departures
  • 24 x 7 client support
The KICC- Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi.

Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) is a landmark and iconic facility in the region. The Centre boasts the leader in MICE tourism having been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Certification. Conferencing at the cetre guarantees you exemplary services over and above utilizing the state-of-the-art facilities.

Kenya is blessed with a wide array of fine properties and estates rendering quality conference and event locations. Over the years we have built wonderful working relationships with these establishments, locally and into Africa.

It is often said that variety is the spice of life. With this in mind Tropical Vacations has purposefully created a palette of exciting options for your next occasion. Whether it be hotels, country estates, safari lodges, luxury trains or guest houses across South Africa, Africa or the Indian Ocean islands, we will deliver a complete solution.

We will negotiate the best possible conference and accommodation rates in order to meet your requirements.The hand picked portfolio of venues provide for both the corporate and private client. Whether your requirement is for a one day function or multiple night stay over, we look forward to introducing you to a select variety of luxurious establishments.


In the interest of safety and convenience, should you prefer your delegates to travel together, Tropical Vacations provides for airline reservations and ground transfers to and from venues. For VIP delegates or special occasions we convene private air charter flights and luxury limousine transfers from door to door.

Budget & Itinerary

Following your venue selection, we assist in preparing a budget to meet your specifications. This is tailored to reflect your unique itinerary selections. Final presentation is made to the Conference/Event manager or coordinator for confirmation.


Our country is rich in talented individuals, many of which are happy to share their personal stories. Should you require a Guest Speaker at your event or conference, we will gladly arrange and manage the logistics, accommodation and payment of fees. Sports Stars, Motivational Speakers, Celebrities or Comedians are just a few considerations – a wonderful addition in creating a memorable occasion.


Leisure time can be structured purely for fun. Alternatively it may be devised to achieve a pre-determined objective or outcome. Or it can be a combination of both. Any interactive program will require careful planning taking into account group demographics, physical ability, delegate age and gender.

Tropical Vacations provide a wide selection of activities to choose from. These cater for a variety of physical, mental and group dynamics – there is something to accommodate everyone

Meshpark hotel, Nairobi-The multi-functional meeting room has a capacity of 160 guests and can be split into 2 different meeting rooms. It is situated on the 5th floor and furnished with all the latest and ultra-modern conferencing equipment. The 2 meeting rooms can cater for between 50-60 pax each.

Incentives given to employees are integral to the concept of rewards and appreciation. These are used to motivate employees to achieve a performance goal. Pay hikes and bonuses are fine to get them to perform their duties. But when an exceptional effort is required to raise their personal performance bar, rewarding them with something out of the ordinary goes a long way in achieving results.

Incentive travel has grown in recent years as Corporate’s motivational and marketing tool. Incentive travel programs not only keep employees happy, they also push up your brand image.

Tropical Vacations- one of the leading incentive travel company in Kenya, offers various unexplored destinations in India for you to pick and choose for your incentive programmes.